Halfpriceperfumes.co.uk Haul 1

When I saw the words Benefit Beauty Bag for a tenner I headed straight over to halfpriceperfumes.co.uk and popped one straight in my basket. Had I bothered to study it closely I would have noticed it read Beauty Benefits bag, which isn’t Benefit by any stretch of the imagination and would appear to be part of the wet n wild brand and also makers of the worst lipstick ever made.. Let’s take a look

 So in the bag we have a concealer pencil, an eyeshadow and eyebrow palette and the worst lipstick ever made

Eyeshadow Pallette from Beauty Benefits

The eyeshadow palette isn’t bad, I’m quite a fan of neutral colors especially browns, gold and pinks so this was quite a good choice for me.

I forgot to take a photo of the concealer pencil…

And now the piece de resistance, the lipstick of doom..

Beauty Benefits Lipstick

At first glance it doesn’t look so bad, it claims to be made of natural products so it sounded good but then I tried to swatch it on my hand, and then I tried again.. whoever heard of a lipstick that didn’t paint!!

I tried again a few days later but nothing, it has the texture of a pritstick and it even broke off a bit on my hand, it then took me ages to wash off because of the glue like consistency.. it’s just awful, avoid at all costs.

While I was nosing the site I saw they also had a surprise beauty bag for a tenner.. ten random products for ten of your English pounds. Sounded like fun so I popped one of those in the basket too. Here’s what I got:

It all came in this little bag

The products

For a tenner the products aren’t bad, there’s stuff from Wet n Wild, Bourjois, Borghese, Maybelline, Prestige and a perfume sample

WetnWild Palette

Borghese Highlighter Gleamer

I actually really like this highlighter from Borghese, I’d never heard of this brand before it appeared it my surprise beauty bag.

Prestige Eyeshadow in Spark

Bourjois Blue Mascara

Maybelline lipstick in Sienna

There was also a Borghese black eyeliner, a Borghese lipgloss and a mini glitter nail varnish by Bourjois. Not bad for a tenner!


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