Models Own New Beetlejuice Collection

I’ve just this minute seen the new Models Own Beetlejuice collection on facebook and I have to say that at first glance they look amazing, the shade Golden Green looks very similar to Peridot by Chanel. They don’t come out until November but I see that I am gonna have to try it out and see for myself. Am also loving Pinky Brown (the second shade). They’re going to be priced at £5 each and available on the website.

Models Own New BeetleJuice Collection - Photo courtesy of Models Own Facebook Page

You can find out further info on their facebook page

Do you likey?


A present from my husband and a present from myself

Wandering amongst the makeup stands a few weeks ago something beautiful caught my eye. How I had missed it before that day I’ll never know as I’ve seen hundreds of blog posts about it since, but there before me was the Peridot nail varnish by Chanel.

I must’ve been admiring it for quite a while when husband came over and offered to buy it for me. I knew that he, not being familiar with the world of beauty, would balk at the price of a simple nail varnish, so I asked him if he realized that this wasn’t just any nail varnish so it wasn’t gonna come cheap. His initial guess of 40€ was sufficiently high for the real price to be considered a good deal plus with a 10% discount it was an out and out bargain (well perhaps not quite). Thanks hubby!

The very next day I painted my nails Peridot and basked in their beauty. The colour is green but gold, gold but green… it’s so unusual that quite a few people have commented on it. Even one person who didn’t like it.. must be colour blind.

Twittering about my new love, I was delighted when a blogger I have followed for years and has recently started blogging again recommended that I get Quartz, which I had been planning to get in October. However through fear that it might run out I had to get it straight away.. am I glad I did. I love it even more than Peridot – it’s such a gorgeous colour, it sounds weird but I could stare at my nails all day long!



While we’re on the subject, I don’t want to leave out another Chanel fave – Black Pearl. I also love this, I does actually look like the colour of a black pearl

Chanel always have the most fabulous colours for nails, I only wish I was as fabulous as painting it on!

Models Own Haul

How could I resist the 50% off sale.. well obviously I couldn’t, 8 polishes, 1 blush, 1 bronzer, 2 lipsticks, 2 brushes and a cheek tint later and here is my haul


I got some great nail colors. I am currently wearing Coral Reef  on my toes and last week I tried Peacock Green, both gorgeous colors and am looking forward to trying the rest.

PInk Punch – Coral Reef – Prussian Blue – Peacock Green

Nude Beige - Buff Pink - Pearly Queen - 3in1

The kabuki is super-soft and so far so good. Haven’t really had a chance to try the blusher or the bronzer out yet. I’m not overly keen on the cheek tint, the brush is really hard!

Unfortunately something happened to the lipsticks, they seem to have melted, however I tested them out using a lip brush and I love the red colour.. the pink is perhaps a bit too bright neon, not sure when I’m gonna wear that

Excuse the bleeding, I only applied it on quickly and not particularly well!

If you want to check out Models Own for yourself, their website is

Stila sale on

A few weeks ago Secret Sales had a Stila sale. I’ve always loved Stila products so I was quite excited to here they’ve relaunched but I guess this was a sale to get rid of some of their old lines although it’s quite easy to find Stila stuff on a lot of the discount cosmetic sites. I can’t really give you a rave review of secret sales.. if you have months and months to wait for your orders to arrive then I suppose it’s ok but otherwise it’s frustrating having to follow up orders and waiting, waiting and waiting

Anyway .. back to the important stuff.. what did I get!

So the first thing I got were 2 tinted moisturisers. I’m not a huge wearer of foundation and much prefer a tinted moisturizer, especially in the summer when it’s so hot. To be honest I’m not really too sure what the difference in these two products is other than the SPF factor. I find them both to be very similar, the one with the SPF 30 is oil free (SPF 30! how great is that)


I chose colors light 03 and light. As you can see in the following photo the light looks to be darker but when it’s rubbed in they are pretty much the same colour and it’s nearly impossible to tell them apart. Texture wise the SPF15 is a little more liquidy and the SPF30 gives slightly more coverage.

Rubbed in


I also bought an eyeshadow palette, Stila Laguna Agate. It came with a blue agate necklace thing.. not really something I would wear but interesting touch.

Stila Laguna Eye Palette

I really love the colours in this palette


Close Up Laguna Agate

There’s a pale grey, a a really gorgeous teal blue and a darker bluey grey. The texture is really nice and smooth and they make a great blue smokey eye. There is also a blush colour which is a medium pink colour with a hint of sparkle

Next I got two lip products

Stila Lipgloss

Lipgloss Wand

First I got this shimmer gloss, it’s in the colour kitten, miaow! It’s very transparent on the lips and only leaves the sparkle. It has quite a sweet smell like vanilla caramel

I also got a lipstick

Stila - Marissa 11

It looks quite dark in the tube but when worn it’s quite sheer and a nice shimmery pink colour

Here it is swatched on my hand! Aren’t the stars pretty!

All this came to


Benefit goodies

I love Benefit and while I was admiring the new They’re real mascara I couldn’t help but pick up a few other bits…

Benefit Erase Paste

Benefit Erase Paste medium

Firstly I got the Erase Paste in medium. This has a very thick consistency, almost too thick for my liking, I wouldn’t use it on it’s own as it settles in creases and when it dries just looks a bit crap, however mixed with a bit of my second purchase..

Benefit Ooh La Lift
Benefit Ooh La Lift 🙂

…the Benefit Ooh La Lift, it makes for a nicer consistency and an illuminating under eye concealer! I find using the Ooh La Lift alone makes my under eyes look a bit too pale so mixing these too products makes a great colour and it’s easier to apply without being thick and gloopy.

My third purchase was the Cha Cha Tint. I’ve never been very convinced by cheek tints but I absolutely love this, it’s the most gorgeous shade of orangey coral. Great for summer and I have worn it nearly every day since I got it for a little touch of colour on my cheeks. I’m guessing it’s gonna last forever as with three little dots on each cheek I have enough. A word of advice, dab your 3 dots on rub in and then do the other cheek, it’s amazing how fast this stuff dries and leaves 3 dot like marks on your face if you try and do both sides at the same time!

Cha Cha Tint

Gorgeous Colour

And my last purchase … They’re Real Mascara of course! I´ll do a separate review but I’ll just say I’ve worn it every day since I bought it (about a month) and I LOVE it!

They’re Real Mascara

Just as a PS, I also bought a Benefit cream eyeshadow from It’s shade Sippin n Dippin, a gorgeous peachy, goldy shade which is brilliant if you’ve only got a few minutes to put your slap on. I just pop a bit on my eyelids, bit of eyeliner, bit of mascara and i’m good to go

Sippin n Dippin
You can find all things Benefit here