Models Own Haul

How could I resist the 50% off sale.. well obviously I couldn’t, 8 polishes, 1 blush, 1 bronzer, 2 lipsticks, 2 brushes and a cheek tint later and here is my haul


I got some great nail colors. I am currently wearing Coral Reef  on my toes and last week I tried Peacock Green, both gorgeous colors and am looking forward to trying the rest.

PInk Punch – Coral Reef – Prussian Blue – Peacock Green

Nude Beige - Buff Pink - Pearly Queen - 3in1

The kabuki is super-soft and so far so good. Haven’t really had a chance to try the blusher or the bronzer out yet. I’m not overly keen on the cheek tint, the brush is really hard!

Unfortunately something happened to the lipsticks, they seem to have melted, however I tested them out using a lip brush and I love the red colour.. the pink is perhaps a bit too bright neon, not sure when I’m gonna wear that

Excuse the bleeding, I only applied it on quickly and not particularly well!

If you want to check out Models Own for yourself, their website is


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