I heart eye crayons

To be honest I only discovered eye crayons recently but I absolutely love them and I am making up for lost time. They make the days when I only have a 30 second timeframe to do my make-up so much easier. It would seem that I have developed quite a liking for the Sephora eye crayons, I love the range of colours they have and the texture is really smooth. They’re also waterproof so brilliant for the pool or beach and not ending up with panda eyes.

I currently have the taupe, beige, kaki, green and turquoise colours from the Sephora collection. My favourite is the taupe, it’s a really nice colour and is great worn on it’s own when I’m in a rush but I also like to wear it with Mac Sable.

The green and turquoise may look bright but I use them under the bottom lash line for a little pop of colour and I think they look fab.

My other crayon is one of the Nars Soft Touch Shadow pencils, this is the colour Aigle Noir. It’s black with a gold sparkle and I like to use it for a dark greeny gold smokey eye, sometimes with the Sephora Kaki crayon.

All this talk of eye crayons makes me want to go and get a new one..

Do you love eye crayons? Any recommendations for me? I know I don’t have any of the NYX jumbos, in fact I don’t own a single NYX product. I think I need to remedy that ASAP!


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