A present from my husband and a present from myself

Wandering amongst the makeup stands a few weeks ago something beautiful caught my eye. How I had missed it before that day I’ll never know as I’ve seen hundreds of blog posts about it since, but there before me was the Peridot nail varnish by Chanel.

I must’ve been admiring it for quite a while when husband came over and offered to buy it for me. I knew that he, not being familiar with the world of beauty, would balk at the price of a simple nail varnish, so I asked him if he realized that this wasn’t just any nail varnish so it wasn’t gonna come cheap. His initial guess of 40€ was sufficiently high for the real price to be considered a good deal plus with a 10% discount it was an out and out bargain (well perhaps not quite). Thanks hubby!

The very next day I painted my nails Peridot and basked in their beauty. The colour is green but gold, gold but green… it’s so unusual that quite a few people have commented on it. Even one person who didn’t like it.. must be colour blind.

Twittering about my new love, I was delighted when a blogger I have followed for years and has recently started blogging again recommended that I get Quartz, which I had been planning to get in October. However through fear that it might run out I had to get it straight away.. am I glad I did. I love it even more than Peridot – it’s such a gorgeous colour, it sounds weird but I could stare at my nails all day long!



While we’re on the subject, I don’t want to leave out another Chanel fave – Black Pearl. I also love this, I does actually look like the colour of a black pearl

Chanel always have the most fabulous colours for nails, I only wish I was as fabulous as painting it on!