The best advent calendar EVER!

As there are only 79 days until Christmas, this year I decided to be a little more organised than normal and get my hands on a half decent advent calendar in time for opening the first door on 1st December. While googling I came across the best advent calendar ever! I remember reading about it a few months ago and then it was promptly forgotten in the heat of summer but now my memory has been refreshed I think I need this in my life!

I present to you the Selfridges All I want for Christmas Advent Calendar

24 days = 24 beauty related surprises from Lancome, Georgio Armani, Shu Uemura, YSL Kiehl’s and Viktor & Ralf!! Isn’t it fab!

It’s available at Selfridges and is priced at £80.00 but it’s definitely the best advent calendar I’ve ever seen 🙂

Check it out for yourselves here


Beauty Boxes in Spain

With the launch of yet another new beauty box in the UK (jealous!) (it’s Carmine in case you were wondering) I thought I’d give you an insight into the two beauty boxes we currently have available to us here in Spain. I love seeing what’s in beauty boxes even though I can’t get them here!

September brought the launch of, I missed out on the first boxes as they sold out within hours so I’m eagerly awaiting what the October box has to bring.

The other beauty box has been around since around June I think, and I signed up last month. The box is called Glamourum. The packaging itself is quite original in the fact that the outside is made of wood and the cardboard box inside pulls out like a draw so it’s great for reusability.

So what was inside? Well wrapped inside the beauty box standard black tissue paper there were 5 products and the standard card explaining them all

Firstly there were two products from Spanish brand Ainhoa, who until now have mostly only provided products for beauty salons.

Both products came in their own little boxes, one of which was in this cute little pillow box tied with a ribbon.

The pen like object is for expression lines, it has a velvety covered tip and you twist it until the desired amount of product comes out and then you paint it into your expression lines, this was a full size. The second product is a diamond powder and caviar concentrate serumy type liquid and I’ve been trying it out, and I have to say it is a-maz-ing!!! My skin has never, ever felt so smooth. I am amazed by this product but the price is also pretty amazing as that tiny little pot worked out at something like 16€

Next I got 5 little oil samples from Alqvimia, there were 3 for post had removal, one for the body and one for the bust. The samples are quite small but I guess oil spreads a long wayNext came a pack of make-up removal wipes from Comodynes, I’m not a big fan of wipes but they’re useful for weekends away or wiping the makeup off my hand! It’s also a full six pack.

The fourth product was a face-mask from Apivita, I haven’t had a chance to use this yet but I’ll try it soon and let you know what I thinkThe last thing was a perfume, from Playboy.. To be fair, it’s quite a good size at 30ml and if I liked the smell, despite the lid having bunny ears, I would probably use it but unfortunately the scent is far too strong for me, it’s a really sweet smell and I know there are lots of people who probably love it but I guess that’s the problem with perfumes.

Finally when I signed up I was sent a voucher for a mini facial in Korres to try some of their products. I also ended up buying a couple of bits – the PH neutral shampoo and the wild rose face mask. I also got a couple of samples

MAC Lippies

I am not the world’s biggest lipstick fan but I do have a couple from MAC that I quite love

Voila Creme Cup

And Hue

Creme Cup above, Hue below

Not the most exciting shades in the world but I am convinced that most lipsticks look crap on me although I am slowly branching out into other colours. I do love Hue though, it’s a sheer palish pink that I think looks really pretty on

It’s finally here – Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette

The Urban Decay 15 year Anniversary Palette has finally arrived in Spain so of course I had to go and get my grubby little hands on it.

I apologise in advance, I am absolutely the world’s worst swatcher but I had a go, and what I did was try and compare with similar colours from the Naked Palette

Packaging: The palette comes packaged in a purple velvety tray. The palette itself is an attractive gunmetal colored box with an intricate pattern around the outside of the lid which holds a mirror on the inside. The eyeshadows can be taken out and you’re left with a velvet lined box with a mirror that could be good for storing jewellery or makeup bits. As an eyeshadow palette it isn’t the most practical packaging, it doesn’t lend itself to being taken on holiday as it’s a bit too

The colours: There is a mix of neutrals and brights, some are similar to the colours in the Naked Palette as you will be able to see in my (crappy) swatches. The only one I’m disappointed in is the Blackout, as with Creep from the Naked Palette, for me the pigmentation isn’t great and I find the texture to be really dry.

So as you can see, Midnight Rodeo, Midnight 15, Vanilla, Flow and Chase are all from the anniversary palette. Half Baked, Toasted, Sin and Sidecar are from the Naked Palette.

I love all of these shades, I’m just a fool for neutrals 🙂

Deeper, Mia, Ace, Blackout and Half Truth are from the 15 palette, Smog, Gunmetal, Creep and Dark horse are from Naked

And these are the colours, my favourite is Deep End, it’s such a gorgeous turquoise.

I love the fact that all of the colours are new, and that there is a mix of neutral and bright. If I had to choose between this and the Naked palette I really don’t know which one I’d pick – I love them both!

Which is your favourite palette?

Models Own New Beetlejuice Collection

I’ve just this minute seen the new Models Own Beetlejuice collection on facebook and I have to say that at first glance they look amazing, the shade Golden Green looks very similar to Peridot by Chanel. They don’t come out until November but I see that I am gonna have to try it out and see for myself. Am also loving Pinky Brown (the second shade). They’re going to be priced at £5 each and available on the website.

Models Own New BeetleJuice Collection - Photo courtesy of Models Own Facebook Page

You can find out further info on their facebook page

Do you likey?

A present from my husband and a present from myself

Wandering amongst the makeup stands a few weeks ago something beautiful caught my eye. How I had missed it before that day I’ll never know as I’ve seen hundreds of blog posts about it since, but there before me was the Peridot nail varnish by Chanel.

I must’ve been admiring it for quite a while when husband came over and offered to buy it for me. I knew that he, not being familiar with the world of beauty, would balk at the price of a simple nail varnish, so I asked him if he realized that this wasn’t just any nail varnish so it wasn’t gonna come cheap. His initial guess of 40€ was sufficiently high for the real price to be considered a good deal plus with a 10% discount it was an out and out bargain (well perhaps not quite). Thanks hubby!

The very next day I painted my nails Peridot and basked in their beauty. The colour is green but gold, gold but green… it’s so unusual that quite a few people have commented on it. Even one person who didn’t like it.. must be colour blind.

Twittering about my new love, I was delighted when a blogger I have followed for years and has recently started blogging again recommended that I get Quartz, which I had been planning to get in October. However through fear that it might run out I had to get it straight away.. am I glad I did. I love it even more than Peridot – it’s such a gorgeous colour, it sounds weird but I could stare at my nails all day long!



While we’re on the subject, I don’t want to leave out another Chanel fave – Black Pearl. I also love this, I does actually look like the colour of a black pearl

Chanel always have the most fabulous colours for nails, I only wish I was as fabulous as painting it on!

Models Own Haul

How could I resist the 50% off sale.. well obviously I couldn’t, 8 polishes, 1 blush, 1 bronzer, 2 lipsticks, 2 brushes and a cheek tint later and here is my haul


I got some great nail colors. I am currently wearing Coral Reef  on my toes and last week I tried Peacock Green, both gorgeous colors and am looking forward to trying the rest.

PInk Punch – Coral Reef – Prussian Blue – Peacock Green

Nude Beige - Buff Pink - Pearly Queen - 3in1

The kabuki is super-soft and so far so good. Haven’t really had a chance to try the blusher or the bronzer out yet. I’m not overly keen on the cheek tint, the brush is really hard!

Unfortunately something happened to the lipsticks, they seem to have melted, however I tested them out using a lip brush and I love the red colour.. the pink is perhaps a bit too bright neon, not sure when I’m gonna wear that

Excuse the bleeding, I only applied it on quickly and not particularly well!

If you want to check out Models Own for yourself, their website is