Stylicious Scale of Fab to Mehh for October


1. Darphins Cleansing Water

Love the smell, love how kind it is on my skin, love how it cleans the last traces of dirt of. Love everything. Keeper.

2. Marc Jacobs Pear Splash

This was a limited edition eau de toilette that Marc Jacobs brought out quite a while ago but I have such a large bottle it’s lasting me forever and I wear it nearly every day but I’m finally getting to the end of the bottle! It’s a light floral smell great for every day

3. Illamasqua – Stagnate

Think this colour is great for Autumn and I love the way it looks on my nails. This is my new favorite shade

4. Chanel Illusion d’ombre

O M G – this eyeshadow is definitely FABULOUS. I am in love with it. It’s not something I can wear every day because of the extreme sparkle but it’s amazing. It makes my eyes look amazing, it’s magic. Are you sold yet? I love all of the colours, even the white colour (fantasme) looks like millions of tiny diamonds

Could do better

Nails Inc Balmoral

I think this is a nice neutral colour but I find the application really difficult and gloopy, I don’t know whether mine has just dried up a bit… maybe I’ll try adding that stuff to make it runnier

Sephora Eye Makeup Remover

This claims that it will not leave an oily residue on your eyes. That is a lie. It removes your eye makeup but in doing so leaves your eyes feeling very oily.. I hate that feeling so won’t be repurchasing

Alqvuimia Body Oil

I received this in my first beauty box from Glamourum, it was only a tiny sample, enough to do both legs and a bit twice but… I didn’t really find it to be a miracle worker., I didn’t notice that my legs were particularly moisturised or looking great so think I’m gonna stick to my body lotions, body oil is not for me.


Comodynes Make Up remover wipes

I got these in one of my beauty boxes. I don’t tend to use face wipes but I decided to take them with me to a wedding suspecting that I wouldn’t have 100% of my faculties at the end of the night and that wipes would probably be the safest bet. They’re not bad at removing makeup but they have a really strong perfumed scent that I absolutely cannot stand, give me a Johnson’s baby wipe any day.

What were your October favourites?


I heart eye crayons

To be honest I only discovered eye crayons recently but I absolutely love them and I am making up for lost time. They make the days when I only have a 30 second timeframe to do my make-up so much easier. It would seem that I have developed quite a liking for the Sephora eye crayons, I love the range of colours they have and the texture is really smooth. They’re also waterproof so brilliant for the pool or beach and not ending up with panda eyes.

I currently have the taupe, beige, kaki, green and turquoise colours from the Sephora collection. My favourite is the taupe, it’s a really nice colour and is great worn on it’s own when I’m in a rush but I also like to wear it with Mac Sable.

The green and turquoise may look bright but I use them under the bottom lash line for a little pop of colour and I think they look fab.

My other crayon is one of the Nars Soft Touch Shadow pencils, this is the colour Aigle Noir. It’s black with a gold sparkle and I like to use it for a dark greeny gold smokey eye, sometimes with the Sephora Kaki crayon.

All this talk of eye crayons makes me want to go and get a new one..

Do you love eye crayons? Any recommendations for me? I know I don’t have any of the NYX jumbos, in fact I don’t own a single NYX product. I think I need to remedy that ASAP!