Beauty Expert Haul

A couple of weeks ago Beauty Expert had a bit of a sale on and as there were a few products that I was looking for I ended up buying a few bits

I was looking for

A Vitamin C Serum

Cleansing water

An exfoliating mask without grains for sensitive skin

High SPF (50+) face cream

Muslin Face Cloths

This is what I ended up buying:

I couldn’t find a vitamin C serum that I liked the look of so I ended up buying this Redness Relief Serum by Darphin. My skin gets very red, especially my cheeks and nose and when it’s cold I always look like Rudolph! I also got the Azahar cleansing water. I’ve never bought anything by Darphin before, and to be honest I didn’t even really know the brand so I guess it was a bit a risk to try two products by a brand I didn’t know and have never tested but the risk definitely paid off!

When I first tried out the serum I wasn’t keen on the smell, it smelled liked something old ladies would wear, however that was just the first time and now the smell doesn’t bother me. The texture is quite thin and watery but it absorbs quickly into my skin and I put my normal moisturiser on top. I wasn’t really impressed with this the first time I used it as I didn’t notice any difference in the redness in my cheeks but after a few days trying it I can confirm that it really works and it reduces the redness completely leaving me with normal toned skin.

The cleansing water smells absolutely fantastic, it’s really gentle on my skin and has a really nice texture and feel refreshing when cleansing. Love it.

They also included two mini Darphin samples in the box, one of the cleansing water and the other was the skin relief balm which I haven’t had a chance to try yet.

Next I was looking for an exfoliating mask, something that would leave my skin feeling really smooth and would get rid of the dry skin but wouldn’t irritate it as it can be very sensitive. I chose the REN F10 Smooth and Renew Mask, which is another brand that I’ve never tried but I absolutely love this product, it leaves my skin so soft and it smells great too. It didn’t irritate my skin at all. It even comes with it’s own little muslin cloth. Definite 10/10 for thisI’ve also been looking for a high SPF to wear under my moisturiser, or instead of my moisturiser so I got this Alpha H Daily Essential Moisturiser , somehow on the journey to me the lid had come off and the plastic seal had broken so that wasn’t great. I haven’t tried this out yet so no review for now.

I also wanted to get a muslin cloth as since I’ve been using the Liz Earle cleanse and polish I love using the muslin cloths but I never have enough. I got a natural muslin cloth from Pai, it’s ok but I find it to be a little rough and to be honest I prefer the Liz Earle ones.Finally I picked up this blending brush from Stila, it’s the number 9 and it is massive! I have used it for blending but I think I prefer something a little smaller, although it’s quite a good size for powdering under the eyesOverall I’m really pleased with my purchases, I especially like the little samples they included. If you want to check out Beauty Expert the link is

They have free worldwide delivery which is great. Sign up for their emails as they often have good promotions 🙂


Stila sale on

A few weeks ago Secret Sales had a Stila sale. I’ve always loved Stila products so I was quite excited to here they’ve relaunched but I guess this was a sale to get rid of some of their old lines although it’s quite easy to find Stila stuff on a lot of the discount cosmetic sites. I can’t really give you a rave review of secret sales.. if you have months and months to wait for your orders to arrive then I suppose it’s ok but otherwise it’s frustrating having to follow up orders and waiting, waiting and waiting

Anyway .. back to the important stuff.. what did I get!

So the first thing I got were 2 tinted moisturisers. I’m not a huge wearer of foundation and much prefer a tinted moisturizer, especially in the summer when it’s so hot. To be honest I’m not really too sure what the difference in these two products is other than the SPF factor. I find them both to be very similar, the one with the SPF 30 is oil free (SPF 30! how great is that)


I chose colors light 03 and light. As you can see in the following photo the light looks to be darker but when it’s rubbed in they are pretty much the same colour and it’s nearly impossible to tell them apart. Texture wise the SPF15 is a little more liquidy and the SPF30 gives slightly more coverage.

Rubbed in


I also bought an eyeshadow palette, Stila Laguna Agate. It came with a blue agate necklace thing.. not really something I would wear but interesting touch.

Stila Laguna Eye Palette

I really love the colours in this palette


Close Up Laguna Agate

There’s a pale grey, a a really gorgeous teal blue and a darker bluey grey. The texture is really nice and smooth and they make a great blue smokey eye. There is also a blush colour which is a medium pink colour with a hint of sparkle

Next I got two lip products

Stila Lipgloss

Lipgloss Wand

First I got this shimmer gloss, it’s in the colour kitten, miaow! It’s very transparent on the lips and only leaves the sparkle. It has quite a sweet smell like vanilla caramel

I also got a lipstick

Stila - Marissa 11

It looks quite dark in the tube but when worn it’s quite sheer and a nice shimmery pink colour

Here it is swatched on my hand! Aren’t the stars pretty!

All this came to